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Happy 2019 - Happy Fundraising

Wow Christmas has been and gone and I guess we all spent more than we thought we would - or should. perhaps now is the time to reflect before the next big spend.

At a time of year when we are generally surrounded by excess and we feel pressures to spend on so many things and so many people, it can be hard to find funds to donate to charity.

I think there is a move away from mindless spending to thinking more carefully about what we do with our hard-earned cash. Donating to freedom kit bags means our money has a huge impact for people who really need and appreciate it.

At work, my wonderful colleagues donated the money they would have spent on Christmas cards and I asked that my secret santa would give me the money instead of a gift so I could donate it.

At home, we had a brilliant and crazy time catching up with friends. We provided the mince-pies and mulled wine and they brought the fun and the donations.

All together we managed to raise £310 and sign up a regular donator. Hanna-Gael Darney Trustee

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