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3 sets = 1 on
1 in the wash
1 ready to go
Attractive Kit Bag

There are few storage spaces in village houses. This bag will keep all the kit pieces together in a clean, accessible environment.

3 Pairs of Panties

Necessary to keep the pads in place and provide some protection for sexual parts. Most rural women do not have these.

3 Pad Holders

The wet-proofed pad holders clip around the panties and hold the pad securely in place, giving peace of mind and confidence in movement.

9 Day Pads

The pads absorb the blood. They can be combined together or used seperately. There needs to be enough pads to allow for heavy flow days, some in the wash and some ready for action.

3 Night Pads

Fuller night pads mean the girl/woman does not have to worry about soiling bed/bedclothes, so does not need to be turned out of her bed or out of the house as is common practice.

Menstruation is one of the many obstacles between women and girls and the opportunities they deserve. If you improve the life of the women - you help the family. If you help the family - you improve the community in which they live.

1 Carrying Purse

An attractive purse allows the young girl to carry a clean supply (or soiled article) with her from/to school, or a woman to go to market, with no worries or embarrassment of being 'caught short'.

1 Aqua-breathe Wet Bag

This wet-proof bag will hold the soiled bags securely without any worries of making a mess.

1 Aqua-breathe Soap Bag and Soap

Soap is part of the hygiene programme, to educate women about the need to cleanse not just their hands but their private parts too.

1 String and Pegs

It is essential for health that the articles are washed, hung out and air/sun dried. Washing lines cost money, so clothes are dried on the bushes or grass, generating bacteria in the materials which then transfers and causes infections.

1 Information Sheet

It is imortant to educate women about their bodily functions and the way to prevent vaginal infections. Infections cause infertility and infertility in women is a growing problem in Nepal.

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