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Women helping

Fancy a fundraising event or challenge?  BIG or small… we don’t mind.
We know they come in all shapes and sizes.
We believe that a central part of FUNDRAISING is having fun… so what fun can you generate that will generate funds for our wonderful FKBs? GET IN TOUCH TO GET STARTED

Reshma Field -  stylist of
Ishbel's Wardrobe :
"Why have I chosen Freedom Kit Bags to be my charity of the year?"

Because Freedom Kit Bags  empower Nepalese women and girls at the most basic level: menstruation protection- enabling these women to take control of their lives




We wrote a quiz and charged £10 for tickets. We had about 50 people pitch up for a fun night. The planning team all made curry to sell and collected raffle prizes to add an extra boost to fundraising!

We spoke at the start of the evening about the charity's work and showed of the Kit bag. We hoped to raise about £500 but the final total was £868 so exceeded our expectations!
It was amazing to speak to people about the challenges faced by women around the world as many people were unaware.

Raising money and awareness was our goal which we feel we accomplished!
We had a fabulous evening with great people, great food and great music!
We loved it and can't wait to do another fundraiser soon
Tracey Costello



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