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The BASIC PROBLEM is – that women do NOT have access to sanitary protection. Most rural and low-income Nepalese women ‘free-flow’ or use extra old saris or old cloths with straw. Can you imagine how that must be?

The SADDEST PROBLEM  is - that women in Nepal are ostracised, punished, shamed and blamed purely for menstruating – a natural biological necessity.  


The ONGOING PROBLEM is HEALTH – or rather the lack of it!

Physical Health - Once a girl has started her periods, and especially after she has married and given birth, a rural woman will suffer aspects of ill-health all her life  -
chronic sexual infections - pelvic inflammation -  kidney infections - numerous  urinary tract infections –  diarrhoea - fertility problems – prolapsed uterus –
these are preventable and changeable – YOU can help - let’s change our world.

Freedom Kit Bags - tackles health problems preventing and reducing the occurrence of infections, immediately improves well-being and self-esteem.

Mental Health – women in chaupadi face shame leading to low self-esteem - they experience isolation with constant fear, especially at night, and endless worries about ‘breaking the rules’, all affecting the balance of  a healthy mind. 

Freedom Kit Bags - give dignity, improve self-confidence and self -esteem – immediately.

The BIGGEST PROBLEM is  - Chhaupadi  -and the thinking behind it.Practised for centuries but now illegal in Nepal since 2005 it is poorly policed and still widely practiced to varying degrees. 

Chhaupadi - chhau  meaning menstruation – padi meaning woman banishes a woman/ girl from her home driving her to live elsewhereduring her menstruation period, sometimes with others, sometimes alone. This could be an old goat/cow house: a hide in the jungle: a small cave:a wooden platform with little protection from the elements: a mud-hut: even a dug-out in the ground.If not put out of the house entirely, a married woman is required sleep away from her husband, usually on the floor, this in towns as well as villages.

Chaupadi – is more than this...


  • It makes women vulnerable - to the elements, they die from cold and exposure - to attack from wild animals, many die from snake bites, - to men, many are raped and molested

  • It requires women who have just given birth and still bleeding,and  therefore is considered ‘unclean’. She and her vulnerable new-born baby are left to  cope on their own for up to 5 days.

  • prohibits women from ‘touching’ foods, water, cattle or crops, or touching her husband or male members of the family; from  entering the kitchen, all in case she ‘contaminates’ them and bring punishments from the Gods.

  • It requires her to eat only certain foods usually dry, usually rice and salt.

Freedom Kit Bags -         

  • offer an immediate solution to coping with the physical manifestations of menstruation.

  • offer cleanliness, comfort and dignity – therefore not ‘unclean’.

  • mean there is no need to have to leave one’s house during menstruation.

Freedom Kit Bags can shake the foundations of chhaupadi – and change the world.

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