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Jam Jar Savers

Sometimes we just can't do it all in one go.

Sometime we need to do it a little at a time.

When Susan Shewry thought about her beautiul grandaughter just coming up to puberty she was glad to know that for her sanitary protection would be no problem. The thought of other young girls having to face the world without this because of poverty, and a world that was already a tough place because of its natural enironment: made Susan feel really sad. So she decided she wanted to do something to MAKE A BETTER LIFE. Finding a lump sum al in one go is not always easy, but finding a little at a time makes things a lot easier. So Susan bought some very nice jars and suggested to her friends

that they could all save together. So we have the Jam Jar Savers or lovely Jam Jar Ladies!

In just three months they managed to save just short of £200 ... but a helpful frined - Mike- offered to "round it up" and so £200 means 8 Freedom Kit Bags and 8 happy Nepalese women.

BIIG THANK YOUs Ladies and Mike.

Let's hope more will follow

your excellent lead.

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