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Our partners are individuals, businesses and organisations that are involved in the life of Nepal in many different ways but all with a common purpose – to experience, support, improve and empower Nepal and to bring a better quality and ease of  life to its peoples.

Beni Rani Ghale of Beni Handicrafts -  Kathmandu Nepal

Beni, a registered  Medical Health worker, founded both  Beni Handicrafts  - a social enterprise company for women in need, which turns unwanted waste materials into fashionable and functional  products  -  and STEPS  a women’s empowerment group for Tipling and Kathmandu areas. Beni was already making re-usable sanitary sets for girls in schools in remote villages and inspired and helped in the development of Freedom Kit Bags, .which Beni Handicrafts now produces for us and partner groups.

Dr Archana K.C – Dolakha Nepal
Archana won a government scholarship to study for her MBBS Archana is a permanent Government medical officer of four  years standing.
She has recently become Medical Superintendent at Jiri Hospital, Dolakha and Co-ordinator of District Health Sector. She acts as national course co-chair of AO Alliance foundation (Swiss foundation) course for paramedics at Charikot.
Archana has worked with Health Partnership Nepal for the past nine years and has become a lead member in their Public Health Teaching and Training programme as well as a lead member in the Freedom Kit Bag research and education programme.

Exodus has been organising tours and treks to this region for nearly 40 years so it is only natural for us to want to give something back. Our focus has always been small-scale practical projects that include providing basic resources such as fresh water and sustainable wood supplies, supporting children's educational needs and helping communities preserve or improve their environment whilst giving the maximum possible long-term economic benefit.

Health Partnership Nepal – London U.K.

Health Partnership Nepal (HPN) is a partnership between St George's University of London, and Nepal Medical College & Teaching Hospital, established in 2007. It is a charity registered in the UK  Their aims are -
*To provide healthcare and health education for the communities of rural Nepal
*To advance the education and training of Nepalese students and healthcare professionals participating with HPN. Freedom Kit Bags are now working with HPN,

Prakash Lamichanne – Kathmandu Nepal
is the owner of the Ambassador Garden Home Hotel in Thamel operating for the past 8years.. Over this time Prakash has been supporting ‘the team’s’ different projects in Nepal. AGH hotel  is the ‘home-base’ of FKBs in Nepal.  He had many years previously in the cloth trade and brings his wide business experience to the mix.


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