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The aim of ‘the BOOK PROJECT’ is to raise funds from the sales of its books to help women and families and communities in Nepal to help themselves.
We ask you to help us do this.  We know we can’t do everything, but we can do this – it is so easy -We say - BUY A BOOK and CHANGE A LIFE


Given the opportunity to  take part in ‘the Book Project’ to help less fortunate women on the other side of the world, 100 women ‘here’ in Britain  took to their pens (or laptops)  to help women ‘there’ in Nepal. 

Written by the 100 women themselves, of daily routines, special events and personal experiences, this unique book gives a very human ‘snapshot’ of women’s lives in Britain in  the 21st Century.

A DAY IN THE LIFE OF 100 WOMEN IN BRITAIN ( x  )Price: £9.99  +£2.25 p & p   U.K. and Europe.  £3.00  ($4) p & p Worldwide.



After the Earthquake in April 2915 something amazing happened – people sent money to us for relief work – without us asking!  It enabled us, with our friends and partners in Nepal, to help many villagers.  After the money had gone, the requests for help continued and so a new book grew into being to continue the help.

EARTHQUAKE NEPAL 2015 – the Human Story
 Price: £9.99  +£2.25 p & p   U.K. and Europe.  £3.00 ($4) p & p Worldwide.

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